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Terms of Agreement

To bind terms a non-refundable deposit is due at signing of the contract.  Cash, credit cards, bank transfers only, this is to guarantee your event date. This deposit will compensate for the loss of potential employment during the reserved time and preparations undertaken by URE EVENTS INC. with regards to this affair or cancellation by the client.




I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS CONTRACT. CONDITIONS OF SALE: "URE EVENTS INC.'' hereinafter will be referred to as "the Company". NO REFUNDS. In-Store credit only. In-Store credit is valid up to 12 months from cancellation date. In-Store credit is subject to company availability. In-Store credit is non-transferrable. No exceptions. All sales are final and subject to cancellation fees. If the buyer cancels the order within 72 hrs. of signing contract, cancellation fee shall not exceed 15% or $250, whichever is greater. If the buyer cancels after 72 hrs. and up to 180 days prior to the event date, the buyer is responsible for 25% of the total order or $750, whichever is greater, plus any and all service charges and late fees will be added to this amount. If the buyer cancels entire contract 180 days or less prior to event date, the buyer is subject to a cancellation fee of 70% of the total contract. If this amount is not paid 30 days prior to event date, the entire balance is due plus costs associated with legal action including attorney fees and court costs. All cancellations must be in person and in writing per each individual. No verbal or phone conversations can cancel an order. The Company will make all possible attempts to work all individual situations, but if all attempts fail, we will be legally bound by this contract. If the buyer changes event date 180 or more days before original event date, there will be a service charge of $49.95, from 60 to 180 days before, $125 per service not to exceed $250; within 60 days $250 per service not to exceed $750. All sales subject to management approval. All packages are for 4 hours unless otherwise agreed in writing. Overtime is $599 per hour per service or as specified in writing, payable COD on the day of service. One hour overtime will be charged for any part of an hour overtime. 


All packages must be paid in full 30 days before event date or as specified in writing. If payments for services or items are not received as agreed in writing, The Company, at its discretion, may cancel unpaid services, or items, and charge a $125 fee for each service or item. Only written agreements that appear in original office copy and customer copy will be honored. Each returned check is subject to a $50 charge. By law, each non-collectable check is subject to four times the check amount. Buyers authorize the Company to take payment or cancellation fee from the credit card on file if payment is not made by the due date according to terms. Client is responsible for all parking fees and tolls associated with the event location. Event location over 25 miles from the Company's headquarters will have an additional charge of $.75 per mile. ALL CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS ARE SUBJECT TO AN ADDITIONAL PROCESSING FEE.


Due to availability and quality control, the Company may substitute Emcee(MC), Deejay(DJ) or any other event service or item. Customer will be notified in advance of any change that may occur, except special circumstances that may occur on the day of the event. The Company may use any photo or video as a display for advertising purposes. The Client agrees to be fully responsible for all expenses due to loss or damage suffered by the Company to its equipment, representatives or otherwise during the performance, including, but not limited to, damage as a result of improper crowd control, negligent or willful misconduct by the Client's guests or exposure to environment elements. Due to the nature of live performance, no performance, photo shoot or video can be guaranteed. The Company will not be held accountable for any picture or scene for any reason. The Company reserves the right not to operate equipment during inclement weather (i.e. wind over 20mph, rain, freezing temperatures or heat over 80F) for safety reasons. We will still expect full payment if there are weather changes during the event. The company is not responsible for any photography and cinematography material after 6 MONTHS of delivery of the material. BE SURE TO DOWNLOAD ALL MEDIA BY THEN. 


Buyer will pay any and all balances on the day of the event before it begins to guarantee services. If the Company does not provide a service or item as agreed in writing, the Company's total liability will not exceed the sum of all payments minus the sum of all charges for which the Company provided services or items. If the Company does not provide a free service or item as agreed in writing, and if the buyer has paid all balances, the total liability of the Company will not exceed what the service or item would have cost the Company. Due to price increases beyond the Company's control, no verbal price can be guaranteed unless agree in writing. All changes will be writing. 


The Company abides by New York City Consumer Affairs' and Better Business Bureau's protocols. LATE FEES WILL BE APPLIED FOR LATE PAYMENTS - FIRST TIME $25 and $30 SECOND TIME - NO EXCEPTIONS!


In the event that either party should fail to fulfill any of the obligations of this Agreement, the other party may bring an action to enforce specific performance of all obligations under this Agreement. If Company is not made aware of any music requests prior to (10) days of the event, the Company cannot be held responsible. This Agreement shall ensure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their representatives and, except as specifically provided herein, neither party may make any assignment of this agreement or any interest therein without the prior written consent of the other party. 

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